To the Point with Designer Christine Dovey

Christine Dovey + Hudson's Bay Collection

Take an in-depth look at Hudson’s Bay’s newest exclusive home collaboration.

Acclaimed designer and stylist Christine Dovey grounds her work in a sense of balance. She often starts with opposing aesthetics and historical references, working those energies against each other to create dynamism and harmony in her designs. To celebrate Dovey’s new capsule collection for Hudson’s Bay, The Point asked her to share some of her insights and inspirations. Read the full Q&A below.

How does the Christine Dovey + Hudson’s Bay collection embody your design principles?
I love design that feels rooted in history and nostalgia but is also modern and unexpected. When I created this collection for Hudson’s Bay, I wanted the designs to feel as though they were pulled from your grandmother’s house and then somehow reinvented: design that’s layered, artistic and perfectly imperfect is always what I gravitate to.

What inspires your furniture designs like the Bijou Chair and the Reverie Bed?
I’ve been really drawn to historic prints and textures for as long as I can remember. With the florals in our bedding and bath line, the cane I chose for the bed and chair reference materials that have long been used and revered. I love how the material adds a warm wood tone to any space. The touch of black brings modernity, as does the very sculptural shape of both pieces. To me, the chair and bed are both a little hard and a little soft, which makes them feel dynamic.

Christine Dovey + Hudson's Bay curtains and cushion

Could you tell us the story of the original illustrations featured on your products like the Lady Cushion?
I worked with the amazing graphic designer Janelle Falconer of Hello Dear to come up with this illustration. The original inspiration was based on a thin line nude and form drawings that I have been loving for quite some time. I wanted to take the feel of those and use it as the base for a print, which would then be layered with a mix of hand-drawn and photorealistic flowers. The print was meant to be decidedly feminine from the start, and I loved the idea of blending a female face drawing with the florals. This print visually pulls together the nude silhouette print and floral ones; it’s the tie that binds the collection.

Shown above:
Crochet Lace Cushion
Printed Floral Lady Shower Curtain
Printed Naked Ladies Shower Curtain

Faux leather throw pillows and accents feature prominently in your bedding and room designs. Can you talk about the philosophy behind mixing materials in this way?
I love feminine designs in all things, but only when balanced with some edge, hardness and masculinity in some way. I also think that every space needs a bit of black so by using the leather on the pillow, it allowed the frillier prints to be tempered a bit in style. The fringe was an ode again to history and classic trims that have adorned designs in years gone by.

Christine Dovey + Hudson's Bay coverlet

Can you walk us through the essential elements of a well-made bed?
A bed should foremost, be inviting. It should look like you want to get in it. As such, I think layers are the key. Start with beautiful sheets that feel good to the touch, layer in pillows that are the appropriate size, top with a quilt, coverlet or duvet, and then add throw pillows. Right now, I’m loving coverlets that cover the entire bed and wrap the pillows. It feels nostalgic and keeps the bed looking tailored, but still very comfortable.

Shown above:
Cotton Coverlet

What’s your earliest memory of the Hudson’s Bay Iconic Multi Stripe?
My earliest memory of the Bay was seeing the Iconic Point Blanket at the foot of my great aunt’s cottage in New Brunswick. It was a classic mid-century log cabin and, as a child, I remember thinking that it just felt so cozy and warm. I now own my own cottage in Prince Edward Island and am hoping to add some Bay blankets—they bring instant charm to any space.

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Photography by David Pike.