The Starter Suit Fit Guide: Featuring Topman

Starter Suit Fit Guide featurign Topman Spring 2019

How to choose the right suit for any occasion and budget.

When the time comes for you to invest in your first suit, it’s a meaningful moment. Whether you’re dressing for a job interview, wedding, graduation or prom, the right suit can change everything. Polished and put together, smart tailored pieces signal to everyone in the room that you are ready for the day.

A suit only has this power if it fits just right. Buying the wrong size or cut is an easy mistake — especially with first-time suit buyers. But, don’t stress it. Together with Topman, we’ve put together a one-and-done guide to get you looking your best.

Slim Fit
Topman’s roomiest fit has a nicely tailored trim silhouette. The waist is tapered, but the jacket leaves room through the hips and, compared to their other styles, the trousers allow plenty of movement through the leg. Try a jacket with a peak lapel for an extra dressy touch.

Slim Fit Pinstripe Suit Jacket and Pants

Skinny Fit
The most popular Topman cut, these pieces are fitted, formal and designed to be versatile. Worn together, the jacket and pants are appropriate for any formal occasion or office environment. For a casual look, try wearing the pieces separately with a fitted T-shirt or polo.

Skinny Fit Suit Jacket and Pants
Classic T-shirt
Classic Zip Polo

Ultra Skinny Fit
Featuring subtle stretch and trim tailoring, these suits are perfect if you have a smaller frame or if the occasion calls for a more fashion-forward look. Style hack: Wear a fitted shirt underneath to prevent bunching.

Ultra Skinny Fit Suit Jacket and Pants
Skinny Stretch Oxford Button-Down Shirt

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Photography courtesy of Topman.