Hudson’s Bay Exclusive: London Fog x Jeremy Scott

London Fog x Jeremy Scott at Hudson's Bay

The New York City-based designer chats with us about his take on the classic trench.

When London Fog, the beloved heritage brand known for their classic trench coat, invited Jeremy Scott, a designer known for his maximalist aesthetic, to create a new capsule collection – it was a classic case of when opposites attract.

The Point sat down with Jeremy Scott to talk about how this unusual collaboration came about and what he loves so much about leopard print. Read on for the full Q&A.

How did it feel to be invited to collaborate with London Fog?
I was surprised they were interested in me because we are such polar opposites. London Fog is a legacy brand I’ve known about my whole life. Getting to play with such an iconic brand, and such an icon as the trench, was really exciting.

Did you have free reign to put your mark on this capsule collection?
I didn’t feel like there were any restrictions. It was more about what I wanted to say. I wanted to play with the idea of the micro-jacket and zippers, the idea of a handkerchief hanging as well as bring in the leopard print. I wanted to make something I thought I would want to wear and that my friends would want to wear.

London Fog x Jeremy Scott Classic Raincoat

Leopard features prominently in the collection. What do you love about it?
Leopard is always fun because not only is it giving you print and colour, there is this good-taste-bad-taste element that carries through. For me, it’s a classic like plaid, but there is also this cheeky element that’s fun.

What rainy day accessory would you never leave the house without?
That would be the trench coat because it keeps you warm, you can huddle in it, put it over your head if you need to. Next would be the umbrella if you’re really smart!

London Fog x Jeremy Scott Trench Coat
London Fog x Jeremy Scott Umbrella

Any styling tips for this collection?
It’s about making it your own, the way you want it to be. That’s what makes a piece special and unique, putting your spin on it. Whenever you feel like you look good, then you look good. I never dictate in that respect.

How many trench coats do you have in your personal wardrobe?
Well, I’ve just thrown them all out now [laughs].

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