How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

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Our Home Design Ambassador offers tips for sleeping soundly through the changing of the seasons.

Comfort is one of the core elements of Brian Gluckstein’s design philosophy, so it only makes sense that he would be an expert in getting a dreamy night’s sleep. As the evenings get warmer, think about how your bedding, pillow and the humidity of your bedroom can affect how rested you feel for the whole day.

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Bedding for the Season
The GlucksteinHome temperature balancing duvet has a perfect balance of high loft fibre and natural cotton to promote good air flow and is a comfortable topper for your bed year-round. What Brian does recommend changing seasonally are your sheets. Flannel and cotton sateen are cozy in the colder months, but with summer approaching, consider investing in a crisp cotton percale or linen set.

GlucksteinHome Temperature Enhancing Duvet
GlucksteinHome Four-Piece Linen-Cotton Summer Sheet Set
GlucksteinHome Four-Piece European Flannel Winter Sheet Set

A Pillow for Your Sleep Position
It’s important to understand how you sleep to get a pillow with the right amount of support. Side, back and stomach sleepers need different pillow densities to create the perfect cradle for your head and neck. Take note of your sleep position and then shop thebay.com for the best fit.

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If your home has radiant heat, you’d be shocked at how dry the air can get. In some cases, indoor humidity in Canada can rival that of the Sahara Desert. Brian recommends adding moisture to the air with an efficient humidifier.

Dyson Humidifier

Settle In
Make sure you’re comfortable before you slide into bed by setting the bedroom temperature between 20˚ and 22˚ Celsius and placing everything you need on your bedside table. A good book and a carafe of water will keep you hydrated and clear your mind so you can peacefully drift off to sleep.

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