Glow Up: How to Shop for a Table Lamp

Table lamps at Hudson's Bay

Choose the best ambient lighting option for your room with advice from our Home Design Ambassador.

Heights, sightlines, materials and aesthetic balance are all considerations to take into account when choosing ambient lighting for a room, and with so many attractive styles, it can be hard to know where to start. Let Brian Gluckstein help you narrow down the options.

You want the shade to cover the socket and light bulb, so when you are sitting on a sofa, you don’t see up into the bulb. Another way to manage this is to make sure the end table is lower than the arm of the sofa.

Bedroom vs. Living Room
Sometimes in a bedroom, you want light that comes through the shade for when you are reading in bed, so look for lamps with sheer shades. In the living room, the light can shine up and down or be dimmed by an opaque shade. Some lamps come with articulating heads like the Abbey Table Lamp,which can be more directional, or frosted glass shades, which are more translucent like the Simpson Floor Lamp.

A Lamp that Complements the Room
If there isn’t a lot of metal in the furniture, it would be nice to bring a metal base lamp into that room. Alternatively, contrast your metal furniture with a marble or glass base lamp. Think of lamps as accent pieces: Juxtapose a traditional space with a modern lamp or bring in a piece that is more sculptural like the Downey Table Lamp.

Downey Table Lamp at Hudson's Bay

Floor Lamps and Table Lamps
If you have a smaller space, you can do a floor lamp on one side with a table lamp on the end table. If you have no room for end tables, then consider two floor lamps. If your sofa is floating in the centre of the room, you can do a console table with two lamps. And if you have a chair or chaise off to the side, you might consider a floor lamp beside that.

The Coziest Bulb
LED bulbs don’t give off any heat and you want to have a warm light, so choose the 2700 or 3000 bulb colours for a homey feel.

Get Creative
You can always do a custom shade for your lamp in your favourite colour or use black — which is very on trend — to make a statement. Make sure your shade isn’t bigger than the table and mix shapes: Use a round shade on a square table or vice versa.

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Photography courtesy of GlucksteinHome.