Introducing Make Up For Ever

Make Up Forever Matte Velvet Skin Foundation

The cult makeup brand has arrived at Hudson’s Bay.

Since 1984, Parisian-born makeup artist Dany Sanz has been developing foundations and eyeshadows in a dazzling number of colours and finishes to serve the needs of professional artists. Her collection Make Up For Ever has grown organically in response to the needs of her fellow artists, her students and people worldwide.

“I am above all a teacher — every day is as an opportunity for me to share my passion for my craft.” Dany Sanz

The Perfect Foundation
You’ve never met a foundation like this. One of the flagship Make Up For Ever products, Matte Velvet Skin Foundation, creates a smooth, breathable layer that moves with your skin. There is no caking or cracking, and its velvety finish is waterproof and lasts for twenty-four hours.

Shown above:
Matte Velvet Skin Foundation in 24 shades

Make Up Forever Primer and Diamond Powder
Applying Step 1 Equalizer Primer to your face before your foundation provides a seamless base and optimal finish for your makeup look.

After applying Matte Velvet Skin Foundation, achieve a head-turning, luminous finish with the Starlit Diamond Powder.

Step 1 Skin Equalizer Primer
Matte Velvet Skin Foundation
Starlit Diamond Powder

Make Up Forever Ultra HD lip serium, matte rouge lipstick, Plexi Gloss
Camera-Ready Lips
Being one of the most versatile products in your makeup kit, a lip serum can work on its own as a hydrating barrier, and also prepares your lips for a flawless layer of colour. A nourishing blend of loofah oil and hyaluronic acid makes the Ultra HD Lip Booster Serum a star.

Next, apply the Artist Rouge Matte Lipstick, a 10-hour lip colour that moisturizes all day and comes in seventeen stunning shades.

If you want a glossy finish, Make Up For Ever’s Plexi Gloss is an advanced solution for super-saturated colour that features 360 degree reflective beads and double-treated pigments.

Ultra HD Lip Booster Serum
Artist Rouge Matte Lipstick
Artist Plexi Gloss


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