Go Monochrome: A Holiday Q&A with Brian Gluckstein

Monochromatic holiday decor at Hudson's Bay

Our Home Design Ambassador discusses a new, sophisticated approach to holiday decor.

Decorating your home for the holidays is an exercise in layering on top of existing decor. Choosing monochromatic elements can create a feeling that is festive yet uncluttered and modern. Brian Gluckstein shared some tips with The Point on achieving the perfect balance.

Where in the home would you use a monochromatic holiday theme?
Start with the mantle or tree. If you have a house that is all white or cream, try white with silver and gold on your tree.

Is there a way to inject some drama into a monochromatic room?
There are a few ways. First of all, contrast! Use many shades of the same colour mixed with other finishes, textures and metallics, even multiple metallics.

How would you incorporate special or heirloom ornaments into a monochromatic theme?
If they are the same colour as your room, then work them in however you like. However, if they are not in the colour scheme and you really want to include them, you can use them in subtler ways, like accenting a mirror or under a cloche on a table.

Can a monochromatic theme be used in a traditional home?
As long as the palette of the home is neutral and not too colourful, it would work.

What are your favourite pieces from the GlucksteinHome holiday collection this season to start your monochromatic decor theme?
Snow globes are a great collector item and, this year, I also love the look of the metallic reindeer head wall decoration.

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