Easy Tree: Five Reasons to Go Artificial This Holiday Season

Artificial Christmas trees at Hudson's Bay

A beloved holiday tradition made simple.

Choosing a Christmas tree is a big decision, and you can make it once per year at the tree stand or once per generation at Hudson’s Bay. Here are some reasons why investing in an artificial tree can make your holiday brighter.

1. Longevity
Purchasing a high-quality artificial tree means your family will have it for years to come, potentially reducing environmental impact and saving transport time. Our trees disassemble for easy storage along with the rest of your holiday decor, and there won’t be any pine needles to sweep up.

2. Safety
Natural trees can dry out and become a fire hazard in your home, while artificial trees are made of fire-retardant materials. And even in rooms with a state-of-the-art air purifier, allergy sufferers will be happier if the tree is artificial.

3. Symmetry
There is no “bad side” to an artificial tree, and the branches are perfectly spaced and adjustable to accommodate every ornament.

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GlucksteinHome Acadia artificial Christmas tree at Hudson's Bay

4. Pre-strung lights
A lot of us have fond holiday memories of our frustrated parents unpacking the tree lights from a box in the basement in a knotted mass. The untangling became the first festive moment of tree decorating, laughter and merriment all around. But if this isn’t your idea of holiday fun, a pre-lit artificial tree can save a lot of time and headache.

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5. Holiday Scents
If you miss the smell of a natural tree, you can recreate it with a scented candle or treat yourself to a spruce-infused bath. Choose your favourite fragrance mix for a holiday atmosphere unique to your home.