A Mother’s Day Q&A with Brian Gluckstein

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Indulgent gift ideas to make Mom’s “me time” more special.

In this Q&A, our Home Design Ambassador Brian Gluckstein gets at the heart of a perfect Mother’s Day gift and shares design lessons he learned from his own mom.

What’s the key to a thoughtful gift for Mom?
It’s about indulging your mother, doing something that is very personal. So that’s why I love things like a cozy bathrobe and slippers, fresh towels for her bathroom and things like that. Those are things that she’s going to use every day and think of you, little indulgences. I love the whole idea of relaxing and having a spa day at home. You have your terry cloth slippers, fluffy robe and hair wrap. Take a bath and relax.

The new GlucksteinHome spa collection has all these elements. What inspired you to create it?
I am a spa person. I love indulging myself, having massages and steams. Even at home, I love taking long baths and relaxing. I think we need that. We live in a very frenetic world, and it’s nice to be able to have the space, whether outside the house or, more importantly, inside the house, where we can get away from the stresses of the world to take a bath and do a little meditation exercise at home.

Does hotel decor factor into the idea of creating a spa experience at home?
I think it does. When you go to a hotel and they have the big, fluffy robe there and the slippers — maybe they have a carafe by the bed, so you can have water with a glass — those kinds of things I take from a hotel. Nowadays I think people are designing their houses so nicely that I don’t look as much to hotels for design inspiration, but rather for indulgence inspiration when they have spas — the experience more than the decor. I think the experience of having room service and a nice spa downstairs and the big bathrobe — ordering food in, sitting in your bedroom and watching a movie, staying in your robe — those are the indulgences I take away from hotels.

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Brian Gluckstein by Lenox Clara China Collection

Is there a way to take it even further and let Mom experience room service at home?

Maybe she wouldn’t go out and buy fine china for herself or even use a full set of fine china, but having that spa experience with the tray, teacup and saucer or having some indulgent dessert and breakfast in bed is lovely. If she only has white dishes, maybe buy her the accent pieces in a pretty colour, like our Clara china— the beautiful silver, green and white — just to perk up her dinnerware and make her feel special, that she’s not just drinking out of a mug, but rather a beautiful bone china cup and saucer.

Brian Gluckstein by Lenox Clara China

What’s a nice gift if you’re feeling sentimental?
Either a single frame or a collage wall frame is such a nice gift to give anybody, but on Mother’s Day it’s nice to fill it with pictures of experiences that you shared with your mother and put that in the frame.

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What did you learn about design and decor from your mother?

Our house was redesigned many times — my mother changed with different times and different points in her life, so I probably learned that.  We started with the house being more traditional, and then as we all became older, she had someone design our house much more modern. It was the classics — Eero Saarinen, Alvar Aalto — iconic, modern furniture in the house. My mother loves design and the creative process. We had mirrored walls in our living room and dining room that were very cool. It really expanded the space and reflected a lot of light. That’s one of the things that I take today.

Everything we had in our house, especially in the second iteration when it went modern, was very comfortable. Our house was always comfortable, and the furniture was modern, but comfortable. It was very adventurous at the time: big, suede sectionals and arc lamps. It was always designed for great conversation groups and things like that, which I take as an inspiration.

Any other Mother’s Day advice?

Appreciate them while they’re here.

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Photos courtesy of GlucksteinHome.