Homespiration: Now Is the Moment to Get Into Velvet

GlucksteinHome Emerson Sofa

Our Home Design Ambassador Brian Gluckstein offers tips on how to introduce a new lush texture into your home.

In this Q&A, Brian Gluckstein addresses common questions and provides inspiration for incorporating velvet and its unique qualities into your decor.

Is velvet something I’ll want to live with for a while?
I’ve always loved velvet for upholstery, drapery and pillows (and dinner jackets!). It’s really caught on as a current trend, but I think it’s a trend that has a long life.

Featured above:
Emerson sofa in velvet
Expression II artwork
Ellsworth Inspired Series V
Velvet cushions

What is special about velvet?
There’s a sense of luxury and a richness to the colours you can achieve with velvet. It reflects light and changes with the light like no other fabric. Velvet always adds an element of glamour to any space or wardrobe.

Does velvet present any decor challenges?
Like linen, people are sometimes afraid of velvet, but now they’re embracing it with all of its nuances. It’s about understanding and enjoying the fabric as it ages. I actually like it when a mark on velvet becomes permanent because I think of it as a patina that gives it a gorgeous sense of character. Like leather or linen, velvet only gets better with age.

GlucksteinHome Pearce chair

Pearce arm chair in velvet
Cross Purpose artwork
Echo cushion

Is velvet right for my home?
Velvet can work for anyone depending on what you want to achieve with your space. Light coloured velvets will reflect light beautifully and give the room a soft, fresh feel. Darker velvets add a sense of drama and glamour to a space.

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Photography courtesy of GlucksteinHome.