Four Cute Ways to Style Your Topshop Denim This Spring

Topshop Denim Spring 2018

Let these influencers inspire your next weekday or weekend outfit!

If there’s one constant in all of our wardrobes, it’s denim. This staple is so versatile it can be dressed up or down, and worn with anything, from sweatshirts to flowy blouses.

Take cues from these four influential Canadians on how to make the most of this closet classic, like pairing with a crop top and red lips, going a little bit country with cowboy boots and florals or keeping it cozy with a teddy bear coat and ankle boots.

Whatever ensemble you recreate, go with stylish confidence, friends.

Gracie Carroll Topshop Denim

We love how Gracie Carroll (@graciecarroll) went full on Parisian with red lips, oversized black shades and a cute crop top to match her high-waisted jeans.

Torri Webster Topshop Denim

Bring your style back to this continent by going a little bit country, a la cutie Torri Webster (@torriwebster).

Chloe Zhang Topshop Denim

For those unexpectedly chilly spring days, cozy up with a cuddly coat, and, of course, sleek black accessories, just like Chloe Zhang (@chloezhaang).

Nitsan Raiter Topshop Denim

Nitsan Raiter (@nitsanraiter) makes a great case for pairing light wash jeans with a polka dot blouse, bringing these two ’90s staples into 2018.

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