Heaven Scent: Our New, High-Tech Fragrance Space is Here!

Fume Lounge

Check out a new way to scent shop at Fūme lounge, an interactive experience that marries technology with the olfactory.

If you’re looking to purchase a new fragrance, whether for yourself or a friend, head to the recently opened Fūme lounge at Hudson’s Bay Yorkdale. The new space houses four white cushy round stools, which surround a long, curved display table. Here you’ll find two interactive touch screens, which take you through selecting a scent based on personality or note preferences. Once you’ve selected a scent, the corresponding inhaler (see above) will light up nearby, prompting you to grab the inhaler and take a sniff of your new favourite perfume.

Fume Lounge Yorkdale Hudson's Bay The Point

You can learn more about each fragrance in the database, including when it first launched, the perfumer responsible for the juice, and the notes in said scent, and see images from its campaigns on the corresponding television display.

With around 30 scents in the system (and more to come!), and trained staff to help you navigate your way through this immersive experience, you’ll be picking out and purchasing a new addition to your fragrance wardrobe (or the perfect gift for a pal or family member!), in no time.

Fūme lounge is open regular store business hours at the Hudson’s Bay Yorkdale location.

Photography by Mauricio Jose Calero.