The Biggest Back to School Trends for 2017

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Just the essentials! All the fall must-haves from TOPSHOP Queen Street Personal Shopper Jessica Luffman.

Looking for what’s hot this season for back-to-school? TOPSHOP Queen Street Personal Shopper Jessica Luffman is an expert on everything trending. So naturally we had her take us through the biggest and best trends for heading back to class.

The Point: What are the biggest trends for back to school this year?
Jessica Luffman: This year it’s all about elevating your basics for back to school.

*Instead of wearing your oversized hoodie, it’s now all about cropped hoodies paired with wider leg denim. This is a classic Kylie and Kendall Jenner look.
*Red is the color for fall! You’ll see it in skirts, jackets, shirts, and shoes.
*A talking point T-shirt. Make a statement without saying a word. You can wear them tucked into jeans or tie a knot to get that cropped look. Looks great paired with a leather or denim jacket.
*Stripes! You will see them in trousers, dress shirts, dresses, and T-shirts. It’s fun to mix stripes or add the pattern to a more basic look.
*Dark florals are in for fall. These romantic florals have an edgy vibe, but to keep it feminine it’s seen in silky materials. This looks great with vinyl leather, denim or corduroy.
*For a sophisticated back to school look, try adding checkered prints to your wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to mix and match embroidery and checks.

Back to school trends

The Point: What do you love about these trends?
JL: I like the idea of mixing and matching prints. It keeps your outfits interesting and it allows you to utilize your pieces in your wardrobe more frequently. This season you can bring the best of both worlds together by integrating both feminine and edgy fashion.

The Point: If you could recommend five keys pieces to add to your closet, what would they be?
JL: Ankle booties

Talking point T-shirts

Borg or Sherpa jacket

Wide legs

Vinyl skirts

The Point: What are the must-have accessories for the season? How would you work them into your wardrobe?
JL: The must-have accessories for this season are:

*Statement earrings. Add earrings to a T-shirt and jeans and your outfit will look elevated without the hassle.

*Newsboy hats. Get your vintage-inspired piece by wearing this hat. It’s also great for those days when you’re just running out the door.

*Embroidery accessories. Think belts, backpacks, and shoes!

Photography by David Pike.