The Wine Drinker’s Wardrobe

Riedel wine glasses

Our guide to the right glass for every type of wine (because it’s #winesday), with help from glassware expert, Riedel.

From left:

The larger bowl (compared to the usual flute) allows sparkling wine to breathe, accentuating the aroma and flavour.

The narrower bowl captures the flavours of dry, aromatic white wines while the longer stem keeps your hand away from the bowl, allowing the wine to stay chilled longer.

Pinot Noir
The wider bowl enhances fruity, full-bodied wines while the narrower lip preserves their acidity.

Old World Syrah
Created for wines with concentrated flavour, the shape of this glass is designed to highlight these wines’ spicy, peppery flavours.

The large, open, thinner bowl, highlights the flavours of intense red wines.

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