Breathe Easy: 3 Tools for Cleaner Air In Your Home

Diffuser for cleaner air

When deep cleaning your house for holiday guests, don’t forget the air quality.

You might be metaphorically “clearing the air” as the end of the year approaches, but why not actually make the air in your home more breathable while you’re at it? Here are some ideas to make the holidays fresher for you and your guests.


Invest in a vacuum that captures all the small particles, like those from a pet or from years of foot traffic, for cleaner air over time.

DYSON Big Ball Multi Floor, $499.99
A sleek canister vacuum that self-rights when toppled, auto-adjusts for floor type and seals in suction to better capture dirt and dust.

MIELE C1 Classic Cat and Dog Vacuum, $649.99
A made-in-Germany premium vacuum specially designed to capture stubborn pet hair.

ROWENTA Delta Force Extreme 25.2Volt Stick Vacuum, $319.99
An elegant bagless and cordless vacuum that can handle every floor type.

Purify + Humidify

Removes the allergens and microparticles from the air first, then adds humidity to counteract the dry winter air.

LIGHTAIR Evolution Silvertone Air Purifier, $409.99
A filterless purifier with patented IonFlow Technology, this elegantly designed purifier asks to be displayed, not hidden from view.

DYSON Pure Cool Link Tower Purifier (also available in desktop size), $599.99
An iconic Dyson design with long-range cooling airflow and 99.97% air purification.

BONECO AIR O SWISS 7145 Humidifier, $169.99
A compact cool mist humidifier with a surprisingly strong output that is ultra quiet and adjustable.


A diffuser or spray is an unobtrusive way to set the mood; it emits pleasant holiday scents and keeps your home dust-free.

HOMEDICS Ellia Thrive Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser, $79.99

WOODWICK Cinnamon Chai Reed Diffuser, $20.99

ILLUME Balsam and Cedar Room and Linen Spray, $25